About Monroe, MI.

Located in Michigan State, Monroe is the county seat of Monroe County and the biggest city here. This city famous for its rich historical background and was an important location during the war of 1812 due to its strategic location. Although the city did not experience development during the war, Monroe is currently a business hub for local and international investors. Its strategic location makes it suitable for business.
The facilities in Monroe have played a huge role in building the lives of the residents. The education sector is well endowed with the city being served by a large public school district. The Monroe Public Schools (MPS) enrolls at least 6,700 students and consists of: nine elementary schools, two specialized education centers, one high school, native high school and one middle school. In addition, most of the amenities in this city are highly developed owing to the fact that this is the county’s capital.
The economy is also vibrant since there are numerous industries operational in the area. The industries have provided employment opportunities for residents thus they can lead decent lives. Some of the leading employers in Monroe city include: Mercy Memorial Hospital, Monroe County, Monroe Bank and Trust, DTE energy and Monroe publishing company. The transport network is modernized to ensure business is conducted with ease. 
Being the seat of Monroe County, the government departments are tasked with offering services to the 20,733 people in Monroe. Some services offered include: security, emergency services and health services. However, there are various private entities that help in offering services. This has led to high employment levels making Monroe one of the places with the least poverty levels. Monroe is arguably one of the few places where opportunities are readily available.
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