About Milford, MI.

In 1832, Elizur and Stanley Ruggles built a sawmill which was the first ever structure in Milford. This development saw many other settlers set up different enterprises in the area. The new businesses set up paved way for the growth of Milford which has continued to see the township grow over the years. Milford boasts of modern amenities and a booming economy.
To ensure residents lead comfortable lives, the government of Milford has invested in various sectors that are important to the well being of the township. The township understands the need for education and as a result, Milford is part of the Huron Valley Schools district and some of the learning institutions located here include: Kurtz Elementary, Johnson Elementary and Margaret. E Muir Middle School. Employment levels in Milford are also high courtesy of the numerous job opportunities created by the public and private sector.
Security is one of the most notable aspects in Milford. The police department is able to serve the city’s population of 6,175. Apart from security, there are numerous crucial services offered by the government. With the incredible rate of growth experienced by Milford, it is evident that this township will continue presenting numerous opportunities to grow financially.
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