About Beaver Island, MI.

 Beaver Island is the largest island in Lake Michigan, it is thirteen miles long, six miles wide and forms part of Charlevoix County. The island lies approximately 32 miles from the City of Charlevoix which is on the mainland and can only be reached by air or boat. There are two airports on the island, Island Airways and Fresh Air Aviation. Beaver Island Boat Company runs a ferry service from Charlevoix during most of the year. There is daily service from May through September. The main industries on the island are fishing, logging and farming.
Tourism is a huge source of income for the island, there are many beaches, a golf course, lots of restaurants and hotels. The Island is known as "America's Emerald Isle" which is a reflection of the many residents of Irish descent.
The population is 734 people and has seen a population growth of 11.69 percent since the 2000 census. The median home cost in Beaver Island is $178,280. The school district is great and spends $10,340 per student which shows how devoted they are to the community. There are 11 students per teacher.